Jose Aldo too good for McGregor, says Machida

Conor McGregor was present at ringside to witness firsthand the spectacular win for Jose Aldo, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Featherweight champion against Chad Mendes last month.

However, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Lyoto Machida believes that his compatriot is the better fighter and McGregor does not have what it takes to dethrone the undisputed king of the 145 lbs division.

Machida stated that is there is a comparison between McGregor and Aldo, there is one clear winner and that is the Brazilian. His style is far better and more effective than that of the Irishman. He added that McGregor is a tough fighter and he is very strong but he just doesn’t see him beating Aldo. He went as far as to comment Jose Aldo is too dominant a fighter to lose to anyone at the moment.

The Brazilian said that he doesn’t have any problems with the way the Irishman promotes himself, despite never himself caring for self promotion himself.

Machida said that he can promote himself as much as he wants, adding that he doesn’t see him as a bad person. He can promote himself in whatever way he wishes to and everyone has to respect that, believes Machida.

But Machida does believe one thing and that is the fact that Jose Aldo will give him a proper beating when the two go head to head against each other, claiming that Junior is one fighter he doesn’t want to fight at this moment even in training.

Indeed, Aldo has been scarily good since he joined the UFC and is yet to taste defeat inside the Octagon, having suffered just a solitary defeat in his relatively long career as a fighter despite just being 27 years of age and that too, was six years back.

George St-Pierre’s road to recovery

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Georges St Pierre Seen Hanging Out With Hulk Hogan

Georges St Pierre was seen with Hulk Hogan, having a chat over breakfast. Hulk Hogan is reportedly St Pierre’s “hero”. St Pierre took a picture with Hulk Hogan which he shared in Instagram.  The caption that St Pierre provided read,” This morning I had breakfast with a living legend and one of my childhood idols, Hulk Hogan.” The picture shows Hogan flexing his muscles which shows aging hasn’t affected his physique.

St Pierre is evidently enjoying his time out from competing in UFC. HE has been meeting up with celebs and posting pictures of those in social media. He’s posted pictures of having breakfast with Gracie jiu-jitsu maestros Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima. The pictures he shared also shows him with Marcus Buchecha, Cheick Kongo, Christophe Midoux, Abner Mares, Gem Danois , Jeff Ayers, Mario Lopez. He’s also ssen with singing star Usher and Hollywood star Owen Wilson.

It isn’t clearly known if St Pierre will ever return to UFC. He has said that if UFC Doesn’t implement a stricter drug testing policy, he wouldn’t return.

Dana White, president of UFC has said that if Georges St Pierre returns to the UFC octagon he will get to compete in a title fight. He’ll have a shot at taking back the title he lost to Johnny Hendricks. Dana White has made it clear that when St Pierre wishes to return is completely up to him.

He said, “It would be tough to deny that GSP comes right back and doesn’t fight for the title, you know what I mean.”

According to White St Pierre has absolute liberty to choose whether he wants to or not in the matter of returning to UFC. Dana White said, “GSP can do whatever he wants, if he wants to come back and fight for the title, or if he wants a fight before that, he can do whatever he wants.”

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Mark Hunt looking to be aggressive with title match in hindsight

The main event for the recent UFC fight night is going to be Mark Hunt versus Roy Nelson. The 39 year old Mark Hunt will be out to prove his might yet again. He is a favorite among the Australian crowd. The Super Samoan as he calls himself has been known for his strength and ability to fight back from whatever position he might be in. He created sensation as he burst into the scene by defeating veteran MMA fighter Wanderlei Silva. He suffered a string of losses after that but came back even stronger and managed to cement his place as one of the most feared Heavyweight competitors going around. However his opponent Roy Nelson is a force to reckon with. Although his appearance lacks the usual toughness and agility of a MMA fighter but looks are only deceptive. The simpleton is not only aggressive but he can actually demolish his opponent on his own day. He will be looking to make every move count and putting in all the efforts to come out on the top of his rival.

The verbal battle between the two has also been quite strong over the past few days. Mark Hunt clearly mentioned that he is an entertainer by profession. Thereby the utmost priority of his would be to hurt his opponent whether the fight lasts a few seconds or the entire time span. He is excited about fighting one of the most feared persons in the heavyweight category. The ultimate objective of the New Zealand born Australian is to have a title shot. He plans to face off with Cain Velasquez and draws inspiration from his success. Knocking out his opponents is one of the things that Mark Hunt wants to achieve and presently Cain Velasquez absolutely dominates on that facet of fighting.