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Van Damme Karate kick demo with Georges St-Pierre (HD)

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Dana White on Anderson Silva’s return and the WWE’s Brock Lesnar

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Jose Aldo says McGregor doesn’t deserve title shot

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo has said that he believes his next challenger Conor McGregor is undeserving of a shot at the title, adding that there is absolutely no purpose to the ranking system in the sport.

Aldo is preparing to take on the Irishman at UFC 189 in what is going to be his eighth defence of the title in July in a match that many believe will not be the cakewalk that the Brazilian is used to.

McGregor has not held his punches back as he has already claimed to rip the head right off the Brazilian and the champion has also responded with his own brand of trash talking, increasing the hype ahead of the mouth watering contest. Ranked as the third highest Featherweight in the promotion, The Notorious is not deserving of a title shot, according to Jose Aldo. Read more »

Anderson Silva – Spider Life Show Ep. 5 – Arrumando a Casa

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Josh Koscheck “I hope the gym (AKA) burns to the ground”

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