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Jose Aldo to take on Mendes in October

Chad Mendes will finally get his shot at the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Featherweight Championship, but he will have to travel all the way up to Brazil for that.

In a recent announcement, UFC boss Dana White confirmed that Mendes will take on the UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo at Rio de Janeiro on the 25th of October in the main event of UFC 179.

Aldo was scheduled to defend his title against Mendes in the main event of UFC 176 on August 2nd but the entire event had to be scrapped after the Brazilian suffered a spine and neck injury while preparing for the event. White had recently confirmed that Junior would be able to return within 45 days and that has clearly been the message given out with this new booking.

Jose Aldo has a record of 24-1 in his professional career and has already beaten Mendes in a knockout win back in 2012 in Brazil. Since that win over Mendes, he has also defended the title three times and will go into the fight as the overwhelming favourite.

Mendes, on the other hand, has taken five successive wins since that loss to Aldo and most recently defeated Nick Lentz via a unanimous decision back in December to earn a shot at the title.

The Brazilian, who hasn’t suffered defeat since 2005, will be looking to improve his record even further with another win over his old enemy as he looks to leave the Featherweight division to move up a weight class to Lightweight and challenge for the UFC Lightweight Championship, but that is still up for debate whether Jose Aldo wants to do that right now considering he turned down the chance once, despite claiming that he nothing more to offer to the 145 lbs. weight category of the UFC.

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Georges St-Pierre will undergo knee surgery to repair torn ACL

A swift return to action from self exile seems quite uncertain at the moment for Georges St Pierre post his injury. The ex Ultimate Fight Championship welterweight champion announced it recently that he has faced injury during training and has torn his ACL, which will require further surgery in order to repair it.

This message from the champion was updated in his Facebook page, where he acknowledged that he had faced the injury only in the last week; however he intends to return in full form post the surgery. Post confirmation from his surgeon about this surgery he immediately declared the information saying that surgery will follow in a few days, post which he will be going into rehab.  Talking about his surgery he sounded optimistic focusing that challenges come and go in everybody’s life and he knows very well how he wants to deal with it, through hard work and paid and there are absolutely no shortcuts to it. He assured that he will so be back to his old 100% perfect form in no time at all. He further asked his supporters to stay tuned and thanked them for their continuous support during his tough time.

Since his narrow win over Johny Hendricks in November, St-Pierre hasn’t participated in a single fight. However post his win, the champion announced that he wishes to surrender the belt, to take some time off from fighting.

Next during the UFC 171 Hendricks bagged the title by defeating Robbie Lawler in early March and hence became the undisputed champion in the welterweight segment.

Regardless of the fact that St-Pierre willingly gave away the winning belt, Dana White, the UFC president feel that the champion will be back to action in no time at all.

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