Jose Aldo Confident Of Upcoming Rematch

One of the ways fighters gets their fans all irked up about an oncoming fight is to tell them how they are confident of beating their opponent or how much they are looking forward to getting down in the ring with a certain opponent with whom they have faced a match before.

Jose Aldo has been talking in a similar way about Frankie Edgar. The fight they had initially took place back in 2013 in the featherweight division. At that time he had defended his title and had gained victory as well. The game had been held in Las Vegas. The rematch is now planned at UFC 200. Jose of Brazilian origin, has been studying the moves and the evolution of his opponent over time. He feels that his style has not changed and that this time too he will be able to seek easy victory as easy as beating him with one arm.

Jose feels that his opponent might have adapted to the style of fighting as prevalent in the division, but there have not been any changes or improvements in his fighting styles. With the same styles and movements he will be able to defeat him easily. Jose however, pointed out that, as an opponent he does have respect for him. However, he is capable of getting a win over him easily and that probably has not changed. Hence, his fans who are loyal to him can choose their bets accordingly. They can choose their sides early before the game begins. They will surely love the match that will come on and it will be an exciting weekend for them. However, most people will find that Jose remains the undisputed winner and that has not changed even in three years. That will solidify his position as well.