Jose Aldo Interested In Full-Time Switch To Boxing

Some thoughts have been prevailing that foray of Conor McGregor into boxing for pay-per-view of last Saturday’s loss to Floyd Mayweather could have a significant and quick effect over the mixed martial arts (MMA).

According to the coach Nova Uniao, Andre Pederneiras Jose Aldo the former the Ex champion of UFC featherweight could be the next one.

“Aldo is training boxing as he has this as his dream; he wanted to see himself in the professional boxing ring.” In an interview, Pederneiras told this to “If the things were, according to him, then he would he’d fight all the fights of the UFC in three months and go box. He wants to do the boxing professionally. He loves boxing the most and it is live anything for him.”

Aldo, who is now 30 years old, who has savored the defeat only in the UFC title fights in more than past 21 months against Max Holloway and Conor McGregor, came back to his native place Brazil on Friday after a long stay at the gym of Robert Garcia the boxing trainer in Riverside, California.

Pederneiras further added that, on his deal with UFC, Aldo is just left with four fights and he wants to be as aggressive and active inside the cage as much as possible with hopes to move to full-time boxing once it is up. We hope that the dreams of Aldo surely become real and the play more games in the future.

As of now, talking about the publicity of Aldo, then in the month of April, he pitched a fight against some of the top fighters publicly and one among them Miguel Cotto the future boxing Hall of Famer on the Mayweather-McGregor undercard. For this he has gained tremendous fame.