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Since beginning his tenure with the UFC, Jose Aldo hasn’t faced a lot of bad nights.

However, the worse was in 2015 against Conor McGregor where he suffered a 13-second knockout.

First, it was a feud between Aldo and McGregor that lasted for almost a year. On more than one occasion, a worldwide media tour turned quite volatile.

What followed next was a punch from McGregor which ensured that Aldo’s seven time defending featherweight title streak came to a crashing halt. That particular punch was the one that handed him his first loss in more than a decade.

Ever since then and to no avail, the Brazilian has done everything possible to book a rematch with McGregor. Whenever a microphone is placed in front of his face, Aldo still can’t escape questions about him.

This is despite his winning the featherweight title while McGregor was away and with the Irishman moving up to 155 pounds to win a title in that division. It yet seems that no matter whatever Aldo does, he would hardly ever escape that loss. Read more »

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