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Jose Aldo Confident Of Upcoming Rematch

One of the ways fighters gets their fans all irked up about an oncoming fight is to tell them how they are confident of beating their opponent or how much they are looking forward to getting down in the ring with a certain opponent with whom they have faced a match before.

Jose Aldo has been talking in a similar way about Frankie Edgar. The fight they had initially took place back in 2013 in the featherweight division. At that time he had defended his title and had gained victory as well. The game had been held in Las Vegas. The rematch is now planned at UFC 200. Jose of Brazilian origin, has been studying the moves and the evolution of his opponent over time. He feels that his style has not changed and that this time too he will be able to seek easy victory as easy as beating him with one arm.
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Jose Aldo Versus Mendes

October 25th will be remembered for the main fight of UFC 179. It was between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes. Challenges were thrown in and it was a first of first for Aldo. It was a stark contrast in terms of Chad Mendes after their first meeting in 2012. The improvements made by him were something spectacular. It was knockout in every round. There was clear animosity as well as respect towards the game that was visible clearly.

The atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro was spectacular. Mendes told ESPN that he gave it his all in the match. It is something great when the two are in the ring and straight cut out is what occurs. He eventually gave Aldo a hug after the fight. It was crazy as they are opponents like any other and are unaware of each other’s personal lives. Read more »

Jose Aldo too good for McGregor, says Machida

Conor McGregor was present at ringside to witness firsthand the spectacular win for Jose Aldo, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Featherweight champion against Chad Mendes last month.

However, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Lyoto Machida believes that his compatriot is the better fighter and McGregor does not have what it takes to dethrone the undisputed king of the 145 lbs division.

Machida stated that is there is a comparison between McGregor and Aldo, there is one clear winner and that is the Brazilian. His style is far better and more effective than that of the Irishman. He added that McGregor is a tough fighter and he is very strong but he just doesn’t see him beating Aldo. He went as far as to comment Jose Aldo is too dominant a fighter to lose to anyone at the moment.

The Brazilian said that he doesn’t have any problems with the way the Irishman promotes himself, despite never himself caring for self promotion himself.

Machida said that he can promote himself as much as he wants, adding that he doesn’t see him as a bad person. He can promote himself in whatever way he wishes to and everyone has to respect that, believes Machida.

But Machida does believe one thing and that is the fact that Jose Aldo will give him a proper beating when the two go head to head against each other, claiming that Junior is one fighter he doesn’t want to fight at this moment even in training.

Indeed, Aldo has been scarily good since he joined the UFC and is yet to taste defeat inside the Octagon, having suffered just a solitary defeat in his relatively long career as a fighter despite just being 27 years of age and that too, was six years back.

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