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UFC 148 Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen II: Shoulder bump-Weigh in (HD)

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Wanderlei Silva Blasts Chael Sonnen, Again

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva had been talking up a match against Chael Sonnen for a long time, and the fuel was added to the fire when the brash American Middleweight went on a verbal rampage against The Axe Murderer as well as other athletes in the UFC ranks, particularly the Brazilians and that has definitely not gone down well with the Brazilian Silva. Silva recently made an appearance in a talk show and during the course of the night; he blasted the number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship, currently held by Brazilian Anderson Silva, who is also a great friend of Wanderlei.

Speaking on the show, Wanderlei ripped into the American stating that Chael Sonnen was one of those guys who fought more with their mouths than their bodies and added that he definitely was not amongst the top fighters currently on the UFC roster. He went on to add that Sonnen creates this style in order to get attention from others, and claimed that when it came to face to face confrontations, he was nothing more than a little kid.

Silva is currently preparing for his upcoming fight with Rich Franklin, slated to take place at UFC 147 in a couple of weeks’ time but he was more interested in talking about the UFC Middleweight Championship match between Sonnen and Anderson Silva which takes place in July.

Wanderlei did mention that Chael Sonnen offered to shake his hand but added that he declined the offer and walked away. And he also justified his actions stating that one could not hope that all will be forgotten by a handshake after speaking plenty of expletives. He went on to state that there is not fighter in the UFC roster who has respect for Sonnen.

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