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Jose Aldo too good for McGregor, says Machida

Conor McGregor was present at ringside to witness firsthand the spectacular win for Jose Aldo, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Featherweight champion against Chad Mendes last month.

However, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Lyoto Machida believes that his compatriot is the better fighter and McGregor does not have what it takes to dethrone the undisputed king of the 145 lbs division.

Machida stated that is there is a comparison between McGregor and Aldo, there is one clear winner and that is the Brazilian. His style is far better and more effective than that of the Irishman. He added that McGregor is a tough fighter and he is very strong but he just doesn’t see him beating Aldo. He went as far as to comment Jose Aldo is too dominant a fighter to lose to anyone at the moment.

The Brazilian said that he doesn’t have any problems with the way the Irishman promotes himself, despite never himself caring for self promotion himself.

Machida said that he can promote himself as much as he wants, adding that he doesn’t see him as a bad person. He can promote himself in whatever way he wishes to and everyone has to respect that, believes Machida.

But Machida does believe one thing and that is the fact that Jose Aldo will give him a proper beating when the two go head to head against each other, claiming that Junior is one fighter he doesn’t want to fight at this moment even in training.

Indeed, Aldo has been scarily good since he joined the UFC and is yet to taste defeat inside the Octagon, having suffered just a solitary defeat in his relatively long career as a fighter despite just being 27 years of age and that too, was six years back.

BJ Penn return against Edgar

Legendary Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC fighter BJ Penn will always be remembered as one of the early greats of Mixed Martial Arts, one of the men who made the UFC the money spinning machine it is today. He is the only man in the promotion to have held the UFC Lightweight Championship as well as the UFC Welterweight Championship, becoming only the second man in the history of the sport to hold two titles in the promotion simultaneously.

Yet, having had one of the greatest careers in the promotion, the Hawaiian native still isn’t quite ready to rest on his laurels and is already booked for another match in the promotion, this time as a Featherweight.

He will take on his arch nemesis Frankie Edgar, the first man to beat him in the Lightweight division in eight years. BJ Penn suffered a close decision loss to The Answer back at UFC 112 as he lost the UFC Lightweight Championship belt before surrendering meekly to Edgar in the rematch at UFC 118 later that same year.

Having not fought for over a year and suffered four losses in his last six bouts, many questioned why Penn needed to come back again, especially since his list of achievements in the sport is greater than many.

Penn finally broke his silence on the matter and in a recent interview, stated that he wanted another bout with Frankie Edgar, adding that he believes he could do a lot better than he managed to do during the second bout he had with Edgar.

With the fight scheduled to take place in Featherweight, BJ Penn will have to drop down to 145 lbs and take on a fighter who has not only beaten him twice but has had two fights at that category as well.

Liddell doesn’t like watching Rush fight

Chuck Liddell is a legend of Mixed Martial Arts and he is a Hall of Famer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC where he spent most of his career and such is his reverence in the whole sport that when he speaks, everyone else takes serious note and it is very rare that he says anything that doesn’t make any sense.

So, when he says that he thinks that the UFC Welterweight Championship holder Georges St. Pierre is a bit boring with his fighting style, Rush should seriously take it into consideration. Read more »

Georges St. Pierre signed up for Captain America sequel

With his surgically repaired knee completely healed as well as two title defenses under his belt, Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is keeping a very busy schedule for himself as he looks to pass the time while waiting for the UFC to decide on his next title defense, in all probability against the number one contender Johnny Hendricks, who earned the right to the title after winning against Carlos Condit at UFC 158.

And he is also keeping extremely busy outside the Octagon of the UFC as well as the longtime holder of the UFC Welterweight Championship has accepted the role of Batroc The Leaper in the soon to be filmed sequel of Captain America, titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film is based on the character created by Marvel Comics of the same name and is expected to hit the theaters in 2014. Shooting is scheduled to begin at the end of April but the schedule is not expected to hamper Rush’s plans to prepare for his next bout too much.

The film is a sequel to the box office hit Captain America: The First Avenger which raked in a staggering $ 369 million. Along with St. Pierre, the film will also star Chris Evans in the title role alongside Scarlett Johansson as well as Samuel L. Jackson. The French Canadian Mixed Martial Artist is no stranger to appearing in front of the camera and has appeared in a couple of straight to video films.

The news comes as good news for the UFC as a whole which has seen several of its stars act in various Hollywood productions in recent times. The character first appeared in the series in 1966 and is a master of the French form of kickboxing ‘savate’.

Wanderlei Silva Blasts Chael Sonnen, Again

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva had been talking up a match against Chael Sonnen for a long time, and the fuel was added to the fire when the brash American Middleweight went on a verbal rampage against The Axe Murderer as well as other athletes in the UFC ranks, particularly the Brazilians and that has definitely not gone down well with the Brazilian Silva. Silva recently made an appearance in a talk show and during the course of the night; he blasted the number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship, currently held by Brazilian Anderson Silva, who is also a great friend of Wanderlei.

Speaking on the show, Wanderlei ripped into the American stating that Chael Sonnen was one of those guys who fought more with their mouths than their bodies and added that he definitely was not amongst the top fighters currently on the UFC roster. He went on to add that Sonnen creates this style in order to get attention from others, and claimed that when it came to face to face confrontations, he was nothing more than a little kid.

Silva is currently preparing for his upcoming fight with Rich Franklin, slated to take place at UFC 147 in a couple of weeks’ time but he was more interested in talking about the UFC Middleweight Championship match between Sonnen and Anderson Silva which takes place in July.

Wanderlei did mention that Chael Sonnen offered to shake his hand but added that he declined the offer and walked away. And he also justified his actions stating that one could not hope that all will be forgotten by a handshake after speaking plenty of expletives. He went on to state that there is not fighter in the UFC roster who has respect for Sonnen.


When Chad Dundas of ESPN suggested that there was no better time than now for a super fight between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre, many people raised an eyebrow thinking that the commentator had gone crazy and that sort of a match would never happen in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But the fact is, the Middleweight division of the UFC currently has no contenders for the title or next in line, so as to say with the match between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen confirmed, as well as the fact that the Welterweight division is also bursting with contenders, St Pierre could utilize this time by keeping his 170 pound challenge in the shelf for the time being and have a fight with Silva in the 185 pound division.

The timing of the fight could also be selected for a grand stand as the UFC could do with a lot more publicity and as a result, Super Bowl weekend 2013 would be the perfect time to hold the match between Silva and Georges St Pierre which would allow for huge numbers at the box office and a huge pay per view following.

But if you ask me, I would tell you that there is no need for this super fight, a fight that would pit two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world against each other, a fight that almost every Mixed Martial Arts fan wanted to see for the last two years. Instead, the UFC could do well if it could turn its attention to the divisional development that will ensure that each and every division gets to hold regular super fights instead of an inter division super fight between  Georges St Pierre and Anderson Silva.

I know many will disagree, but the UFC better take notice of the developmental program to keep up the work they had done.